Sunday, 11 October 2009

An email received


Just in case you didn't see the letter I sent you on Friday...


to his Niche Commerce system...

Niche Commerce

The 'LIVE'12 week Niche Commerce Coaching

programme now includes:

The complete 12 month 'profit from products' course.

This the same course many of his students are paying

£29.95 every month for. (value £247)

This next bonus is a MEGA BONUS.

He will build you your own ecommerce website...

(Value £997.00)

Niche Commerce

He's not even asking you to add your own products

or images, even link it up with your own shopping

cart or add your pricing...

On the course he'll teach you what you should

have on your site to start making sales fast,

you can add your own ideas and he'll then go

away and do it ALL for you!!

Ready to start selling your products immediately..

No work - no hassle -

He'll do all the work for you..

That's £1244.00 in f.r.e.e. bonus Value!

Niche Commerce

I must say that Dave's stuff is absolutely first class

and I highly recommend it...

And since my email on Friday there are now ONLY

3 spots left up for grabs, so you'll need to be quick

on this...

Don't forget Chris that you'll need to be

on board by 5pm on Monday the 12th Oct to qualify...

(you'll see why when you get there)

Simply click on the link below NOW and see you

on the other side...

Niche Commerce

To your success


P.S. Let me know immediately you've secured

your place and I'll also send you an extra, unadvertised

and very useful bonus valued at over £500...

absolutely FR.E.E!... I only have a few of these

left, so don't leave it too long before letting

me know

An example of making money

1 report

1 advertisement

How many sales?