Monday, 1 February 2010

Wake your brain up!

It's simple: close your eyes and visualize in your mind that your head is about one inch bigger all around than it is.

Actually *see* this in your mind's eye.

If you hold this image in your head for about 30 seconds straight it sends your nervous system a signal to pump more oxygen to your brain.

It's a bizarre "brain hack," but it's actually measurable via CT scan.

People who try it usually experience a sense of heightened alertness on the first try. (if it didn't work - try a few times - really *see* your head as being larger in your mind's eye)

Another way to awaken your brain is to train a "dormant" area.

For example, most of us don't know how to draw - yet if we were to train ourselves to (and it's quite easy as demonstrated here ...

...) we would see a dramatic improvement in our alertness, our confidence, our communication ...

Most people go through life thinking that we either "have it or we don't."

For the most part - that's nonsense.

To use the example of drawing again, for the 99.9% of the population that doesn't know how to draw, it's not that they don't have any talent - it's just that they haven't been given proper instruction.

This part of your brain is "lying dormant" only to be awakened by a good teacher.

Awakening the various parts of your brain that are untapped is deeply rewarding on a great many levels.