Thursday, 26 November 2009

Made up words

1. Adultivity:
The state or condition of being an adult.
2. Banjoologist:
An expert in banjo based musical styles
3. Drunkening:
The process of becoming drunk, a gerund form of the pseudo-verb "To Drunken".
4. Screamapillar:
A caterpillar that screams nearly all the time, even as it sleeps. Without constant reassurement, it will die, and it is sexually attracted to fire. It is endangered and illegal to kill one, despite the fact that it is a menace
5. Nuisancefon:
Mock German, meaning a phone which causes distress


43 Days is a long time!

"I start with my video but it's more harder than i am think ... i need some time for it ...

i do it in my i movie application on the mac book i talk about this with Tom he give tips about this work ..."


Nikita and Lau

Nikita’s problem

Lau has learned from Nikita how to be a lawyer, under a very generous arrangement whereby he doesn’t need to pay anything for his tuition until and unless he wins his first court case. Rather to Nikita’s’ annoyance, however, after giving up hours of his time training Lau, the pupil decides to become a musician and never takes any court cases. Nikita demands that Lau pay him for his trouble and, when the musician refuses, decides to sue him in court. Nikita reasons that if Lau loses the case, he, Nikita, will have won, in which case he will get his money back, and furthermore, that even if he loses, Lau will then have won a case, despite his protestations about being a musician now, and will therefore still have to pay up.

Lau reasons a little differently however. If I lose, he thinks, then I will have lost my first court case, in which event, the original agreement releases me from having to pay any tuition fees. And, even if he wins, Nikita will still have lost the right to enforce the contract, so he will not need to pay anything.

They can’t both be right. So who’s making the mistake?


Please look at each others' blogs and comments - try and work out the answer. Read very carefully....

Meanwhile watch this, learn Philosophy - and Japanese!