Friday, 13 November 2009

More interviews

More interviews...



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Millionaire women!

Gill Fielding - Star of "Secret Millionaire" and "The Apprentice - You're Fired" - used to play the gutter and left school at 16 with two CSEs.

Dr Joanna Martin - started her career as an over-worked Australian doctor before becoming a professional speaker...and made over $1.25m in her first year.

Lynda Dyer - overcame an illness that could have killed her...and created a multi-millionaire dollar business in 12 years.

Jennifer Hough - overcame 5 years of chronic illness and debt to build one of the largest nutrition clinics in Canada.

Leili McKinley - started her first multi-million dollar company with a single sewing machine in her mother's basement. She sold it and repeated the process with a second company and retired to Maui at 33.

Heather Seitz - Heather Seitz went from broke and unemployed... to a multiple streams of income millionaire in a few short months.

Tracy Repchuk - who increased her income to 6 figures in just 6 months...despite having no contracts and no idea what she was doing.

Jennie Armato - the Australian entrepreneur who overcame massive debt, technophobia, and no work prospects to build a world wide internet business

Maria Davies - who progressed from a tiny room in an illegally-rented council flat to a country mansion in Sussex with a six-figure income in the space of 10 years.

Naomi Sesay - a disillusioned TV presenter who quit to become a property investor… now owns 3 businesses and is building a leadership school in the poorest country of the world.


The organiser:

Making a decision

...of encouragement...

Dropped out of school and....made millions.

Just left her job - starting up....

You choose...

English and English Literature courses


Language courses

Spanish courses

German Courses

Italian courses

French courses

For Stella


In the evening....

In Oxford

Philosophy and also one on Economics.

Several students went last year:


(both now Oxbridge candidates)

Here are the details...

Here's how to enrol

If you have any questions then email them BUT the enrolments are limited...

One day course

Pre-IB Students!

On Monday you should go to this:

Bloody Oil Canada's Tar Sands, indigenous rights and climate change.
19.30, £3, SO Friends free
Science Oxford Live (, 1 - 5 London Place, St Clements, OX4 1BD. Open Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm; Email:; Tel. 01865 810000.

On Tuesday you should go to:

Sustainability: Why Equality Matters Oxon Green Party Bill Kerry (Director, The Equality Trust) leads a discussion on how greater income equality increases wellbeing within societies
7-8pm, £1
Oxford Town Hall, St Aldate's OX1 1DP; Tel. 01865 252195.

On Wednesday you should go to:

Geopolitics Of Energy - Bradshaw OIES & St. Antony's Univ of Leicester "The Kremlin, the National Champions & the International Oil Companies" / email: / Tel. 01865 889123
5pm, free
St Antony's College, Woodstock Rd; Tel. 284700.

On Thursday you should go to:

The Diamond On Your Doorstep Cutting edge science, all the way from Didcot!
7.30pm £3 /SO Friends Free
Science Oxford Live (, 1 - 5 London Place, St Clements, OX4 1BD. Open Mon - Sat 10am - 5pm; Email:; Tel. 01865 810000.

Calling all pre-IB Science students!

Here are some Science courses you should consider:

Course 1:

Course 2:

Course 3:

Course 4:

Course 5:

Course 6:

Course 7:

It works out at about £4 - £5 an hour!

Calling all pre-IB students!

The following courses work out at about £5 an hour.

You should consider doing one, maybe two, maybe three of them.

Make use of Oxford!

It will count for a lot to have attended a course at Oxford university! Also the points actually count towards a degree.

When you eventually apply to University this will impress them!

Consider the following:

Course 1:

Course 2:

Course 3:

Course 4:

Course 5:

Course 6:

Course 7:

Course 8:

Course 9: (This would be an excellent course for Stella)